Will my Breasts Even Out?

The first two weeks my breasts looked great, full, even. The third week one suddenly got smaller than the other?? Pre op my boobs were an A but my right boob was barley an A. He put 425 silicone under in my left and 475 in my right to even this out. I am 18 days post op and hope they even out!? Could it be because my right boob had barley any breast tissue and needs more time to accommodate with the larger implant?? not sure why the left with more breast tissue starting out with looks smaller :/

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Uneven breasts 3 weeks post op

I know that this is probably not what you would like to hear, but you need to give it more time. It is very common to have one side swell more then the other. There is nothing to do until all swelling goes away.

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Will my Breasts Even Out?

ok Miss Jellyfish...at 3 weeks it is impossible to tell what your final results will be. You are still swollen (maybe one side more than the other) and in a very early stage of healing. At this point you just need to give it time. It is not a all unusual to have what you are describing (at this point of your healing). It sounds like your surgeon has taken into consideration the size difference when he suggested the smaller implant on the left side. Best wishes

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