My Breasts Don't Want to Push Together for Cleavage? (photo)

I got a breast aug about 19 months ago under the muscle. I now want them bigger but the main issue is that I cant get any push up bras that will make them push together. They always want to go right back apart! It's so frustrating! And I don't want it to get worse if I go get bigger implants. What should I do about this?

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It is better not to try to force cleavage. You are limited to have cleavage based upon your anatomy.  SOme patients just have wide muscle insertion on the sternum.


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Unfortunately a side-view is not very helpful in answering your question, pls post a front view because it will show where your natural cleavage line starts and ends - which will determine how far your implants will sit

Your Sternum is the main Reason

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From this single photo it appears that you have an irregular sternum (breast plate.)  The wide and and sunken bone between your breast was there before you had your surgery.  Your implants appear to be as close as they will ever get even if you get larger ones.  This is the way you were born and to release your pectoral muscle a little more to get the implants closer runs the risk of getting symmastia, a condition where the implant pocket from one side joins the pocket from the other.  That is not a good look and would need still further surgery and expense to correct.

Your doctor should have pointed this out to you before surgery and warned you of the fact that your chest configuration would mean that getting "Kissing Cleavage" would not be a realistic goal.

The implant style here might make a difference.  But again this is just one photo and without an exam it is difficult to make the following recommendation: if you want more cleavage you can go to a higher profile and a much larger implant but they will not come together with this switch.  They will just give you more of what you may want in a push up bra.

Cleavage after breast augmentation

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The amount of cleavage after breast augmentation will depend on the width and spacing of your natural breast. Remember that the implants must fit into the breast and center on the nipple, hand in glove. If your breast is separated by a wide breast bone, a fuller implant with a broader base can help, though if the width and the skin envelope will not allow, a larger implant is not likely to improve things.

Best of luck,

Breast cleavage

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Cleavage is very dependent on the position of the breasts on your chest and the extent of natural division between them. A good push up bra should produce cleavage. Unfortunately, the photo you've taken does not provide a good starting point for evaluation.

Cleavage after Breast Augmentation

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It's really not possible to give you an informed opinion based on the single photo you posted. Obtaining cleavage is highly desirable for many women. However some women can easily obtain great cleavage, even without a bra, others can have good cleavage with a support bra and a breast implant and unfortunately some women will not be able to get the fullness they want, even after a breast augmentation. Some women's breasts are simply very far apart, making it difficult to put in a large enough implant to create good cleavage. Other women simply don't want an implant that is large enough to create cleavage. Another issue can be capsular contracture which can close off the implant pocket in the area where you are desiring cleavage. In this case a capsulotomy or capsulectomy can improve the situation. It will take a thorough consultation with a breast surgeon to determine why you are having the problem you see and what options you have to improve it. Best of luck    Dr Harrell

Breast Implant Position?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

A frontal view of the breasts would be helpful in evaluating breast implant positioning. Also, direct examination would be helpful to see if implants fall off to the side when you lie down.

If the implants do move off to the side when you lie down then internal suture repair ( lateral capsulorrhaphy)  may be helpful in keeping the implants closer to the midline of your chest and improving the cleavage area appearance.

I would suggest in person consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon ( well-versed in revisionary breast  surgery).

Best wishes.

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