Will my breasts change after 3 months?

I had implants on sept 27 2013. Started with an A and had 425 left and 475 right. They still stick out far and torpedoish but I want the low slope drooping (natural) breast look. Mine have certainly went down from touching the collar bone to about 3-4 fingers under the collar bone. When will I expect the slope look and they get soft? Mine are also firm still? I wear the band to sleep and massage 2x a day

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Breast shape after 3 months

Starting off an A cup and having larger implants put in may take a bit longer for your breasts to settle because your skin hasn't been stretched.  Because everyone is different, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your shape to soften but may take a bit longer due to your circumstances. Continue doing what you have been doing, massaging, etc and following up with your surgeon and give it some time.  As time goes on, they will continue to soften.  ac

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Breast changes after an augmentation

Thank you for your question.  You started with a relatively small breast (an A cup) and had fairly large implants placed--425/475cc.  Your skin was likely not stretched out to this implant size and thus your skin is probably relatively tight and this can make the breasts feel firm.  The skin will stretch over time and the implants tend to "drop" over time or succumb to the effects of gravity.  Continue to massage your breasts and you will still see changes over the upcoming several months.
Best of luck.

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Final Shape after Breast Augmenation - how long

Most changes occur in the first 6 months but it can take up to a year to see your final results following breast augmentation. Of course your breast will then change as part of  normal aging .

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Breast changes

If your breasts have come down, they will likely mature over the next few months and create the natural slope that you are looking for. Best to follow with your surgeon.

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Unusual shape post aug

You wer  an A cup and to put in implnta that big I am not surprised you have a torpedo look or shape to your breasts.I always tell my patients you can not put a gallon of milk into a quart container.It will look artificial.e

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