Will my Breasts Get Bigger in Time?

Hello, I am 25 years old. I weigh 135lbs and I am 5'4''. I had a prophylactic mastectomy because of my BRCA2 positive diagnosis. I had my expanders filled to 625ccs. I just had my exchange surgery yesterday. My implant is natrelle 20-600 600ccs. The surgery went well. My breasts are even, shapely, etc. However they look teeny tiny!! I was a 34c before mastectomy. I told my doctor I wanted a full c cup. Will they project to a large c or will I be stuck with this small b? Thank you!!

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Breast size after reconstruction

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The size of a B-cup reconstructed breast will unlikely to change to large C-cups without any surgical intervention or your gaining a significant amount of weight.  In general, it is our practice to "overfill" the expanders to a slightly larger size than what our patients want, followed by replacing the expanders with permanent implants that are slightly smaller to achieve the final size desired by our patients.  Your options at this point are: 1. good padded bras, 2. fat grafting (may need multiple procedures to achieve goal size), 3. exchange implants for larger volume +/- higher profile implants. 

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My breast implants don't project enough after reconstruction

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If you are happy with the size and shape but not the projection there are simple procedures like fat grafting that can improve the projection.  Things that can be limiting are how tight the skin is over the implant that is in place.  Simply placing fat into an already tight space will not give the desired result.  Nonsurgical approaches would be to use a padded bar.  If you are happy with the implants I would think carefully before changing them.

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