My Breasts Do Not Seem Any Bigger and It's Making Me Depressed?

I lost the volume through weight loss and having my 2 children close in age. I asked my PS for implants that would bring back the volume. I am 5ft 8.5 inches and weigh 176 pounds. I had my surgery 10 days ago - 210cc implants (overs). My PS said I had good breast tissue to begin with so they would be natural. I'm upset as they seem smaller and I'm worried that they are too small? Can they go down in size? Most forums say that 210cc are very small so why would he use these as I was a D already?

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Small is relative, wait a full 6 months from surgery and decide if you really want to got through with another operation or not

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Are you sure the issue is volume loss and that you are truly too small?

My expectation is that there was most likely ptosis, or looseness, of the breasts involved, and while 210 cc is on the small side for a lady who is 5'8", 176, and a D cup, I also suspect that you are lacking tone and projection in the breasts and would benefit from a lift.  You should discuss this further with your surgeon, because the addition of more volume isn't always the answer.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
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Breasts no bigger

must have been a communication error.  210 cc are a drop in the bucket for a woman of your size.  go back and talk to him

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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210 cc implants

You are correct in that they are rather small BUT you mention you were a D cup already!  Without knowing what you and your surgeon discussed, I can only speculate.  And knowing what you started with (with a photo) would have been beneficial before judging.  But now that they are in,  work with your surgeon and see if you can identify where the miscommunication occurred.  And then see if your surgeon is willing to work with you to fix it.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Breasts seem smaller after Breast Augmentation

Without before and after photos it's hard to say if you are smaller than you started, but if you had a straight breast augmentation, no breast tissue is removed so I can't see that they are smaller. Every patient is different and some swell a lot in between their breasts as well as all around it and they can seem smaller.  Being 10 days post op, you could give it a little more time just to see how they look after the swelling subsides.  With that said, 210cc are small implants.  That is something you need to talk to your surgeon about so you can remember why the decision was made to use that size of an implant.  Definitely communicate with your surgeon. ac

Angela Champion, MD
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10 days post breast augmentation and too small?

I am sorry that you feel that you are too small. This was most likely a communication error between you and your surgeon.  Yes, 210 cc implants are not very large.

Steven Wallach, MD
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My Breasts do not Seem Any Bigger

Photos and ideally an exam would allow for a more informed response to your question however:

In a usual breast augmentation, no tissue is removed and an implant is added, so the likelihood that you are smaller than before surgery is very small. Having said that, the choice of a 210 cc implant does seem to be a bit on the small side for a patient with the description that you provide. This coupled with your expectation of a particular result may lead you to the perception that your breasts are smaller, or at least not larger than before surgery.

I would talk to your surgeon and express your concerns so that you can receive the most informed opinion of what options are available.

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
Scarsdale Plastic Surgeon
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My Breasts Do Not Seem Any Bigger

Photos, as always, would help us offer better advice. 

Not knowing how much volume you feel that you have lost, I can't estimate on that basis alone how large an implant might have been appropriate. 

If you want to know why your surgeon chose a particular size, no one but your surgeon can answer that appropriately. That size does seem a rather small implant to use for a D cup breast. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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