Will my Breasts Become More Symmetrical After BA and Uplift with More Time?

I had a breast uplift and augmentation 9 weeks ago with 400 cc textured Mentor implants under the muscle. My left side appears to sit higher and is fuller underneath, although it feels a bit fluidy when I press on it. My right side is smaller and my tissue slide over my implant a bit making it saggy underneath. It has been asymmetrical in this way since the op with no change noted, Is this normal and will it settle eventually?

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

I think you have a great result and your asymmetry is quite small for how much surgery you had, I suggest waiting it out for 6 months to make a final decision on symmetry and revision

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Will my Breasts Become More Symmetrical After BA and Uplift with More Time?

Your result is very acceptable when you compare to your before posted photos. Best to discuss these issues with your surgeon.//

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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How long to wait to evaluate results after a breast lift with implants.

Depending on the technique used by your surgeon, final results may often take approximately three to six months after this type of surgery.  I would recommend waiting a few more months before evaluating the need for corrective surgery.  It is important to continue to communicate your concerns with your surgeon and follow his/her directives very carefully.  It is also very important to have realistic expectations about the results as preexisting asymmetry is not always 100% correctable and a good improvement may be all that is possible.  

Gary Motykie, MD
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