Are my Breasts Too Far Apart to Acheive a Good Result? (photo)

Having browsed hundreds of before and after photos the best reults seem to be when breasts are a good shape before surgery. My nipples seem really far apart compared to pictures ive seen, i dont want a wide gap and no cleveage. How can i avoid this? And what kind of results can i expect with under the muscle silicone implants of approx 290cc. Distance across chest between nipples is 17cm and collarbone straight down to nipple is same.

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Breast augmentation avoiding too far apart appearance

The horizontal position of breast implants also requires a great deal of attention, both in pre-operative planning and in the operating room. Excessive lateral dissection of the implant pockets will result in augmented breasts with an excessively wide space between them in the cleavage area, and the appearance that the breasts are abnormally far apart. The result may (or may not) be tolerable in the upright standing or sitting position, but when the patient lays down in supine position (on one's back) the implants may fall far to the side and produce little to no anterior breast projection in this position. Patients with the problem almost always want it corrected, and the treatment once again is surgical: a lateral repair of the implant space, to restrain the implants from falling off to the side.

Inadequate lateral dissection, on the other hand, will result in an augmentation with an abnormal 'side by side' appearance. It is lateral projection of the breasts beyond the lateral border of the chest wall (in frontal view) that, along with the concavity of the waist profile and the convexity of the hip profile, produces the appearance of an 'hourglass figure'. While one does not want to over dissect the lateral extent of an implant pocket, careful attention must also be paid to ensure that lateral breast projection is not inadequate.

Breast implant base diameter is also of crucial importance. The base diameter (the side-to-side dimension of the implant) must be ideal for the existing horizontal dimension of the breasts preoperatively, as well as the breadth of the anterior chest in general. Obviously, a given implant volume and base diameter that works well for a small-framed patient that is 5'3" will be completely inadequate for a broad-chested patient who is 5'10". One wants to increase cleavage area fullness and lateral breast projection in most cases, and an implant of inadequate base diameter may accomplish only one of those goals, while too wide an implant will be overprojecting in both directions. Careful evaluation of all of these breast and implant dimension issues is necessary if the ultimate goal of the surgery is a natural-appearing breast augmentation.

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Breasts Too far apart

As you can see from browsing all of those before and afters is that the end result is dependent upon where you started.  Your observation is correct about the space between your breasts.  I do not think it is excessively large nor is it really close.  Make sure you maximize the BWD of your implant to minimize the space between your breasts.  I think you will get a nice result.  In short you cannot make your breasts any closer together with risking visibility of the implants - rippling in the center

Robert Kearney, MD, FACS
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You will have a good result based on your tissue

 Your nipple position is centered  on your chest and you should get good result. I would suggest moderate plus implants.

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Breast implants to create cleavage

I think you have made a great choice in your type and size of implants.  290 cc silicone implants placed under the muscle should give you a good deal of fullness while still looking natural.  Be sure to talk to your surgeon about cleavage before the procedure - a good technique should keep the implants from sitting too far apart.

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I think you can obtain a nice result


Thank you for the photos.  As long as you discuss your goals and concerns with your plastic surgeon and he/she chooses the right implant for you I think you can achieve a very nice result.  With a 290 ml implant your cleavage when nude will not be as dramatic as some but that is what a bra is for.  Make sure you see a handful of board certified plastic surgeons and take a look at the before and after photos.  The link below is from one of my patients and can give you some insight into what may be expected.

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Breast implants and results

I think you will do fine with sub-muscular implants and the 290cc size if moderate plus profile should make you a small C cup or full B cup. You are correct about what you start with determines a good deal of the result as does the surgical technique of the doctor. Good luck and please see a board certified plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with.

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Cleavage after a breast augmentation

Thank you for posting your question and your pictures.  This topic is important when discussing breast augmentation or any cosmetic surgery, because realistic expectations need to be set prior to surgery.  Based on your pictures, it does appear that you have a relatively narrow breast width compared to your overall chest width.  What this means is that you are unlikely to get a significant amount of cleavage if the implants are confined to your current breast.  Physical exam would allow better palpation of your sternum (breast bone) to determine how far towards the middle your implants can be placed.  I think the size of implants you are discussing would fit your overall body shape, but again some of this depends on what you want and what you are expecting.  Make sure you have an in-depth discussion and exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck! 

Naveen Setty, MD
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Can I Achieve a Good Result

I think you can achieve great results with breast augmentation.  I suggest you see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to go over sizing and implant placement to find the best options for you.

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Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)

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