How Can I Make my Breast Look Better? (photo)

hello, I took out my breast implants (over the muscle) 6 months ago, . one of them was damaged. I thought I will make a new breast enlargement after havig kids. bt the problem is that I am feeling not sexy with my actual breasts. too empty and the scar under the nipple is deep. what procedure would you advice me to use in order to get a better shape (not the perfect one, this one will be after the kids). would a donut lift be enough If it would allow to enhance the position of the nipples.

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Breast Enhancement

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There are several issues that need to be addressed for you to have the best breast enhancement.

You have asymmetric breasts.

The right breast is larger, fuller and both breasts have drooping breast tissue, rather than drooping nipple.

Both are empty in the upper pole.

You can benifit fro a circumvertical lift and a shaped form stable implant to fill the upper pole.

It is poosible that a form stable shaped implant give you the fullness and a slight lift.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Surgery to Make my Breasts Look Better?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Although it is not possible to provide you with specific advice without direct examination and a full communication of your goals, I think I would suggest that you avoid surgery at this point. A “doughnut lift” will likely not change the shape of the breasts or the position of the nipple/areolas  significantly. On the other hand, you will be left with scars around the areola ( and it is clear based on your question how you feel about scarring).

 I would suggest that you continue with your plan on proceeding with pregnancies followed by a definitive operation that will achieve your goals.

Best wishes.

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