My Breast Look Uneven? (photo)

My surgeon told me that one breast was slighly bigger than the other so he decided to put 500ccs on my right breast and 550 ccs on the left one to make them more symetrical.Now its been 6 months since I had surgery and they look more uneven to me than before, I honestly didnt notice that they were asymetrical before until he pointed out to me.But now I feel like he should of just put the same amount ccs on both breasts. On my 3rd month visit I told him they were uneven but he said they look perfect.

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My Breast Look Uneven?

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   The asymmetry was present preoperatively and the result looks good considering.  I am not sure if there is a great difference in volume.  I am not sure that a revision would help a great deal.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Uneven Breasts

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I am sorry that you have not gotten a result that makes you happy.  Looking at your photos, I would have to agree with you that your breasts are uneven, more so than prior to surgery.  Although you may have had subtle differences in size prior to surgery, you now have a more pronounced difference.  This makes sense when you consider that your implants represent a vast majority of your total breast volume, my guess is about 80% to 85%, perhaps more.  So the difference in size between the right and left breast increased from  5 cc or 10 cc or 20 cc prior to surgery to nearly 50 cc now.

There is something else going on that is also making your breasts more uneven than they were pre op, but I cannot say for sure what it is by photographs alone.  I believe it is your own natural asymmetry in nipple position that has been slightly accentuated by the augmentation.  That may not have been preventable, however.

I think you would be best served to equalize your implant size and address any other issues that may be going on.  What you definitely don't need is more complicated and unnecessary additional procedures like fat grafting and donut lifts.   But before going forward, I would like you to get a REAL, in person, second opinion by a seasoned cosmetic breast surgery expert to confirm what I have surmised by photograph.  Please remember the basic credentials:  Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, strong reputation as a revision breast surgeon who can perform all types of surgery, not just implants.

Please keep in mind that you signed off on your surgeon's office policy regarding re-operative financial responsibility, which is probably part or completely yours.  Although you are not happy, and you could argue that 'it could have been better', this result falls far within the boundaries of standard of care.  So, if you decide to have a reoperation with him, sugar goes much farther than vinegar to get what you want - a significant reduction in fees - but please don't make money a deciding factor of whether to have surgery with your original surgeon.

Best of luck!

Six months after breast augmentation any asymmetries likely to persist.

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In my opinion the asymmetry of the breasts in the photographs is modest. I would advise against any surgical adjustment if the breasts are otherwise soft and acceptable.

Differential breast implant sizing sometimes creates a new assymetry

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I think there are different philosophies on differential breast implant sizing. In most cases like yours, I'll use the same volume breast implant to establish a symmetric breast width and height. Using different sized implants in patients without a lot of breast tissue can create new asymmetries related to the implant diameter/height/projection etc.

I think there were some differences in your infra-mammary fold position and nipple/areolar position that make your case a little more challenging to achieve perfect symmetry. 

Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for your photographs.  Your before photo shows that the right breast is slightly lower on your chest.  This will be magnified with larger breasts.  You should seek revision opinions.

Dr. ES

Uneven Breasts after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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The breast asymmetry that you are referring to is visible in the preoperative and postoperative pictures. However, given that some degree of breast asymmetry is to be expected, despite best efforts, I would suggest that you do your best to accept the results achieved and avoid additional surgery.

 In other words,understanding that absolute symmetry of the breasts are almost never achieved with or without surgery ( including revisionary breast surgery), you will likely be best off leaving well enough alone.

 Remember, also that additional surgery carries additional risk/potential complications.
 I hope these thoughts,  and the attached link, help.


My Breast Look Uneven?

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Your breasts do look uneven, but not in volume, rather in nipple and areolar position. This was true in the preop photos, and as is almost always the case, is more apparent on larger breasts. Photos are not ideal in assessing volume, but the sizes look pretty even. 

To improve the symmetry, a breast lift would be in order. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

My Breast Look Uneven?

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Unfortunately your chosen surgeon needed to pre operatively explain you had asymmetry. Thus if you increase the volume than the asymmetry is magnified. You might consider a donut lift on the left N/A. and fat grafts to the right breast to even out, maybe 100 cc's of layered fat grafting. There would be additional fees. 

Breast asymmetry before and after an augmentation

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 You definitely started out with some degree of asymmetry.   The option to use different sized implants was a judgement call by your plastic surgeon.  50 cc is not very much, there are 15 cc in a tablespoon so you are talking about 3 tablespoons difference from side to side.  The more obvious difference is that one nipple is higher than the other and this was present prior to surgery.  The implants may have just exagerated the pre-existing asymmetry.   If you did anything you may consider making the left breast a little smaller.  

Before and After Breast Augmentation Asymmetry

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Your breast augmentation result is a great illustration of how a little asymmetry before getting breast implants becomes a bigger one after due to the size increase. All you are seeing is your natural breast asymmetry magnified. The amount of volume between the two implants, whether they were identical or slightly different (+/- 50ccs) would not have resulted in a better outcome in the results than what you now see. You have as good a result as is possible given where you started. You can make further improvememnt with a small nipple lift on your left side to even out the horizontal nipple positions. That is what will make a visual difference, not implant volumes.

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