Why my Breast Still Look Small After 410 & 420 Cc HP Saline Under the Muscles? (photo)

I had my op sept 13, I'm 3 days post op and find them small. At my ps when I tried the 400 cc I found it was too big, but I decided to go a little bigger to not fall in the category of those who wishes to have gone bigger. My ps put 410 cc in the right breast and 420 in the left. I look bigger when i was breasfeeding. Why I looked bigger with the sizer than the actual implant which is bigger? And they say you look bigger at the beginning it's that mean they will look smaller? why they're small?

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Breast augmentation and post-procedure sizing.

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That implant size with your body type should settle in perfectly. Try to be patient and let the implants settle into the pocket before judging your results. If you still have concerns discuss them at your follow up appointment with your Plastic Surgeon.

It Takes Time

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400cc implants on your frame will be a marked enlargement for your frame. It takes time for the skin and muscle to stretch and accommodate the large implants. Be patient, and will notice the breasts getting softer, more shapely and the size you expect.

Armin Moshyedi, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Size after breast augmentation

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It is definitely too early to make any determinations about the size of your breasts after a breast augmentation.  It will take some time for your tissues to accommodate to your new implants.  Your implants will change position and swelling will decrease.  Regarding the size difference with a sizer versus an actual implant, the implant in your body will not project as much as when placed in a bra for sizing purposes.  This is due to the deforming forces of your overlying soft tissue.  Using sizers in the office is only to get a rough estimate, it is not a true determination of what you will look like.  Good luck and be patient!


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There several keys to a successful outcome.  One the most important keys is setting expectations.  There may appear to be some miscommunication between what you expected as a size and what your plastic surgeon understood and delivered as your size.

Dr. ES

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