Should my breast still be hard day after hematoma evactuation? (photo)

I just had a breast reduction 18 days ago. Shortly after I got a hematoma. The dr suctioned my breast twice. First time removing 150cc and second time 60cc. Still wasn't helping so yesterday I had another surgery for a complete hematoma evactuation. He reopened my bottom incision. Now today after removing my dressing I notice my breast is still really hard. Is this normal since it is so soon after surgery? It did feel much softer yesterday immediatly after surgery. Seems to be getting harder?

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​Breast Swelling after Re-operation

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This is certainly a question you should ask your plastic surgeon. Firmness could represent a recurrent fluid accumulation, but could also simply be swelling within the breast tissues. If a drain was placed during this re-operation then I would think the risk of re-accumulating fluid would be low (if the drain is functioning properly). A noticeable in breast size may signal a fluid accumulation.

I would normally anticipate some increased swelling of the breast after an operation like this; and swollen breasts can certainly feel firmer. So just the mere fact that you have had an early re-operation is enough to account for the firmness you are experiencing. Wearing a bra for compression and support may reduce swelling and minimize discomfort.

If necessary, a visit to your surgeon’s office certainly doesn’t hurt and can help to ensure a proper recovery.

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Hematoma after Breast Reduction?

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I am sorry to hear about the complication you have experience. Best to be seen by your plastic surgeon, earlier than scheduled if necessary, to rule out re accumulation of the fluid which may be causing the firmness you are feeling. On the other hand, this firmness may be related to inflammation associated with surgery and the drainage procedures.

Best wishes; hopefully you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

Should my breast still be hard day after hematoma evactuation?

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You must allow a few months of healing after a delayed hematoma evacuation. The inflammatory effect of all that blood delays softening by months.//

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