Will my Breast Be Smaller After Necrosis Being Removed Surgically?

I was involved in a mva last year in june. The safety belt did a lot of damage. Ilost 200ml of my breast due to 3 operations on my breast(abcess that went septic). I have fatty necrosis in my r/breast which is painful. Will my breast be smaller after having the necrosis being removed?

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Breast necrosis

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If you had a lot of tissue that was damaged you may notice that your breasts are smaller, and that your shape is different.

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Post mastectomy revisions.

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It depends on the size of the fat necrosis. If the fat necrosis is large, your breast can get smaller. Sometime the tissue can be rearranged to give you an adequate shape. Then the other side could be reduced to symmetrize. Sometimes another flap, example a latissimus flap could be used to restore the volume.

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