My Breast Reduction Scar is Widening. What Can I Do to Stop It from Further Stretching?

It's my 23rd day post op and I noticed the scar on my left breast is getting wide and is red. My plastic surgeon lives in a different city and I have no way of contacting him. He gave me all the ointments and creams before hand so I wouldn't need to contact him,but now I don't know who to talk to about this. He took my steri strips off I think 4th day post op which I thought was weird. Either way, how can I stop the scar from stretching some more? Something I can do myself?

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Widening breast scar 3 weeks after breast reduction surgery.

It would be important to examine you to give the best advice. If the skin is still intact and there is no evidence of infection, you can try and reapply steristrips to give the scar more support. Wear a good support bra.   If you are using any creams for the scars, discontinue them in any areas of scar widening or thinning.  

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