I Suffer From Bad Acid Reflux. Can I Still Get a Breast Reduction?

hi i am worried. i suffer with acid reflux i mean really bad. i am getting a breast reduction soon, i find out on June 4th 2012 my surgery date. right now i am also going threw some othetr things i have to see a doctor about my stomach i know there going to probably stick a camera down there if they siad i had a ulcer. do you think i can still get my breast reduction surgery done? I am bloated and belching a lot i feel stuffed and miserable when i eat anything?

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Breast Reduction and Acid Reflux Disease?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes, you can have breast reduction surgery despite acid reflux disease. It is likely that your anesthesiologist will take certain precautions  and use certain medications during your procedure,  to prevent complications related to the acid reflux.

I think you are doing the right thing by having the gastro intestinal workup done prior to the breast reduction surgery.

Best wishes.

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