Why are my breast nipples moving downwards after 6 weeks post op?

hi doctor I had my breast done 6 weeks now with lollipop lift and 500cc gel implants am not happy with the result at all but my surgeon keep telling me that the shape of them are going to change I have to give it time. I do see the change in them but the nipples are moving down wards. they look quite low cant imagine my nipples moving up advise required please thank you

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Augmentation mastopexy is the surgery in plastic surgery generating one of the highest number of malpractice claims. What this means is that it is a difficult procedure to achieve high satisfaction in all patients. Breast augmentation adds weight to the breast. A lift seeks to defy gravity. A vertical lift is one of the best techniques for mastopexy, in my opinion. However, the larger the breast size, the less likely breasts will remain in an elevated position. Your intended results, though, are what most women seek: Elevated large breasts. I agree with your surgeon that waiting a bit is a good idea. Breasts evolve with time following surgery. This can continue to occur for 6 to 9 months following surgery. Thus, it is too early to judge the final result. But I would suggest keeping close follow up with your surgeon. Both the nipple and the implant tend to descend following surgery. Hopefully, you will achieve a size and shape that both you and your surgeon will appreciate. However, a long-term elevated breast is difficult to achieve with a large breast. I hope this helps.

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