Had my Breast Lift but when the Doctor Stitched It Up 1 of Them Keeps Reopening, What Should I Do?

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Breast lift and wound issues

Without seeing you in person it is really hard to comment. But if you are having wound issues, you should really be followed closely by your surgeon.

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Reopening of Breast Lift Incision Line?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, sometimes re-suturing of suture line openings is unsuccessful.  Assuming your plastic surgeon is a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon I would continue to follow-up with him/her for close surveillance of the open area.  If there is no underlying breast implant present,  there is probably not too much to worry about. These open will generally heal well with time.  Your plastic surgeon may be able to remove any sutures  or treat any infection that may be delaying healing.

I hope this helps.

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Breast lift opening up

It is generally unsuccessful to restitch a breast lift that is opening up.  It is doing that either because of fluid or infection under the skin, or because it was pulled too tight, or there was too much swelling, or maybe because you had smoked.  Either way, it is probably the case that you are going to have to let the openings heal on their own and revise the scar in a year or so.

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