Do my Breast Implants Look Too Low on the Breast Bone and Also Too Wide for my Frame? (photo)

I had surgery 3 months ago to remove my ruptured PIPs and at the time of the consultation I asked my surgeon if I could go slightly smaller as I was currently a D cup and would have been happy with a C. He told me due to the rupture I would have to go bigger. I now feel at a 34E that my implants look very droopy and sit far too low on my chest wall. Not only that Im I right in thinking the implants put in ( high profile) are far too wide for my frame?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is a good breast augmentation result, expecially for revision after rupture!

The (right) size, position, and implant width are very subjective, and there is no doubt that you have some degree of cutaneous laxity and breast droop that implant removal and replacement has had to deal with. Otherwise, you would need the incisions and permanent scars that a breast lift requires.

Based on your visible anatomy (from one photograph), your surgeon did about as good a job as humanly possible without giving you a "rock in the sock" appearance (from too-small implants), and he probably chose wisely for what he found at surgery after your ruptured implants (and probably the scar capsules) were removed.

High profile implants are the narrowest ones possible for a given size, and the size is chosen on the basis of what is needed to adequately "fill" you skin brassiere (at least without skin tightening breast lift incisions and scars). So the high profile implants cannot be "too wide" unless they are also too large. But that is what was necessary to fill your skin unless you choose to have the incisions, scars, and new smaller implants to achieve the higher, smaller, and not-too-wide look for your frame.

I think you look really quite good, but if you are unhappy, talk to your surgeon about a full breast lift, smaller implants, and the costs and scarring necessary to move towards your goal. Happiness, like beauty, is truly in the eye of the beholder, so accurate communication is critical! Best wishes!

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