Does my Breast Implants Look Normal for Being 10 Days Post Surgery? (photo)

550(R) 520(L),transaxillary,Saline,under the muscle. I have been massaging and stretching. Will they eventually look round and not be so high on my chest? I am posting a few pictures. I have not been wearing a bra unless I go out in public and I usually wear my pink tube-bra since my P.S. approved it. Here's to hoping this is normal.

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High and tight breast implants / implantes de seno arriba y duros

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Having implants high and tight ten days after surgery is normal.  It takes a while for the implants to settle.  Sometimes as long as 3-6 months before you get the final results.  You are healing as expected and will be very happy when the process is completed.

Good luck and thank you for your question.



Anire Okpaku MD FACS

Tener los implantes arriba y duros diez dias depues de cirugia es normal. Toma algun tiempo para que los implantes se acomoden. Algunas veces puede tomar de 3-6 meses hasta que se vea el resultado final. Usted esta sanando de la manera esperada y estara feliz cuando el proceso se complete.

Suerte y gracias por la pregunta.


Miami Plastic Surgeon

Do My Breasts Appear Normal Post-op?

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Yes!  You appear to have a very nice result thus far.  Keep in mind that implants (particularly when placed under the muscle) appear to be sitting high on your chest in the early post-op period.  This is simply because your muscle and skin are very taut and as they both stretch it will appear as though your implants are 'settling.'  What is actually happening is that with continued stretching, the appearance in your upper chest softens significantly while the implant remains in the same position.


Congratulations on what appears to be a very nice result!

Louis DeLuca, MD
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Are my implants normal for 10 days out?

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Yes, it is normal to have unevenness , swelling and to "not" be happy with current appearance. I would follow your PS instruction and with the trans axillary approach it can take up to 6 months for things to "settle"

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Normal after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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Thank you for your email and photos.

With breast augmentation surgery (under the muscle placement of the implants), it is very common for the implants to sit high on the chest wall.  It may take 4-6 months (sometimes longer) for the implants to settle into their pockets. 

I normally suggest the surgical bra with bandeau for the first 4 weeks along with aggressive downward exercises to help with the settling of the breast implants.  I would suggest that you follow the instructions of your surgeon since he/she knows you best.

Be patient - at 10 days post op, it is too soon to see the final results.

Best wishes. 

Normal Breast Augmentation Recovery?

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From your photos, it appears that you are where you should be for 10 days following surgery. Larger implants also take longer to settle. Continue massage and the recommended suport from your surgeon. It is likely you will see significant improvement over the next several months. 

Best of luck!

Vincent P. Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant healing process

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Yes, it appears as if you are healing completely normally. Breast implants always appear to be riding rather high on the chest wall early in the recovery period. There should be a steady softening of the skin envelope as the implants settle into the pocket and take on a more natural shape over the next 3 months or so. It appears as if you have relatively good symmetry and I would expect you to be happy with your end results. 

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Normal For Implants To Ride High In Early Post Op Period

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Yes, this is completely normal in the early post-operative period.  This is especially common in submuscular placement of the implants. The muscle tends to contract somewhat holding the implants high.  These should settle down after a short time period, usually most dramatically in the first month, but it may take longer (up to 4 months or so to completely settle). Thanks for the pics and the question. It's one concern we see a lot of in the early post-operative period. They all settle and take on a nicer, more natural shape. Try to be patient!

High-riding breast implants

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From my perspective, your implants do appear to be sitting rather high - I notice that you have been wearing a breast band in your first photo. I would suggest you continue to wear that for at least 3-weeks in an effort to put pressure on the upper part of the implants to encourage them to "go south". Your nipple position, relative to your implants is fairly low too - perhaps this will improve too, but only time will tell.

At the moment, you are very early post-op, so several weeks are needed to see how things settle down.


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