Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? Too Large? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 8 months ago. I am 5'5 105 pounds. I was a 32 C. I told the surgeon that I wanted round shaped DD's. He informed me that since my body is so tiny, we have to stay in proportion. I agreed. 8 months later, I am a 32DDD/32F depending on the bra. My breasts are too big.... they are visibly larger on the sides, with a gap in the middle that is in my opinion a bit too wide.

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Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? Too Large? (photo)

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Very hard to answer without a before photo  posted! But appears you might have needed a lifting also. 

Low and apart

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Hi loveboobies88,

     Your breasts do look like they are apart, but I think that is more due to them being pretty low as opposed to apart. The lower breasts are the farther apart they appear.  This is due to the incline of the chest wall.  Although we do not have the privilege of having your pre op pictures, I suspect your nipples were a bit low on your breasts.  It seems to me that your surgeon in an attempt to rotate your nipples to a higher tilt, placed these implants a bit low.  Unfortunately, going so low makes them appear long, you hardly have any upper pole fullness, and they appear apart.  I think it would help your overall aesthetics to have these implants sit at a higher position.  Although your nipple tilt would rotate down somewhat, you would have a much closer cleavage,  more upper pole fullness, and better overall shape.  Your breasts would appear slightly smaller if this were done as well.  Changing your implants to a smaller size would be your call.

Good Luck,

Ary Krau MD FACS

Ary Krau, MD, FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Breast size should be determined by the patient not the surgeon.

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The breast pictured R&D large. For some patient this is ideal for others it's a problem. This should have been sorted out before the operation. The breasts are not too for part in my estimation.

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Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? Too Large?

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The easy part--since your breasts are naturally widely spaced, they are still widely spaced with implants. The implants seem properly position with regard to the nipples and areolas. The breasts are also somewhat low on the chest wall. 

The more subjective part--these do look unnaturally large, and perhaps because of that they seem too low and too lateral (independent of nipple position). 

To improve this, consider smaller implants, suturing off the pocket to the size of the smaller implants, and possibly a breast lift. 

Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants Too Large and Too Far Apart?

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I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after breast surgery. Although precise advice would require in person consultation, it would seem to me that your breast implants are too large and displaced inferiorly and laterally.  It is likely that they fall too far to the side when you lie down as well.

If in person examination confirms these findings, you may benefit from revisionary breast surgery. This operation may involve downsizing of breast implants, internal suture repair of the breast implant pockets ( capsulorraphy) and/or breast lifting surgery.

 I hope this (and the attached link) help.

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