Are my Breast Implant Pockets Too Big?

I had breast augmentation eight weeks ago. I have my next post op appt in 2 weeks, but I am dying for answers now. I started completely flat, not even a 32A and had 450 silicone implants under the muscle. One nipple is lower than the other, can this be fixed with surgery? When will they soften up? If ever? My biggest concern- I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I think my left breast pocket is too large. When I lie down it literally slides up to my collar bone on it's own and my nipple is flat

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Are my Breast Implant Pockets Too Big?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. The picture in the lying down position is useful in demonstrating the breast implant displacement problem you are experiencing. This shifting of the breast implant does suggest that you may have a problem with breast implant displacement long-term. If this is the case, then internal suture “repair” of the breast implant pockets on the sides of the pockets (capsulorraphy) may be necessary. 

 Address these concerns with your plastic surgeon during your follow-up visit.

 Best wishes.

Implant pocket looks to big

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Were these placed transaxillary by any chance? 

In any case, the left pocket is too open up top and a little constricted below.  Revision will likely involve closing off the pocket up top and opening it a little more below.  This should improve the implant position when you are supine and improve your nipple position when you are upright.

Make sure you express your concerns to your surgeon.  Believe me, he/she wants you to be satisfied with your result.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Pocket to big.

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hi, in deed, the way implants .move in the breast pocket depends on the undermining done a surgery.  you have Little time of postop, but ask your PS about this concerns.  also theres asimmetry at the left breast.  your PS will assure you the best way to resolve this.

Are my Breast Implant Pockets Too Big?

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On the lying down photos it does look like your implant pockets are too large and it allows the implants to move around the cavity quite freely. The left breast is also lower on the standing photos.

THis can be repaired with a revision and I suggest that you see your surgeon in the coming weeks and discuss these issues with them.

All the Best Stephen Salerno


Breast implant pocket may be too large.

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If the implants slide around on the chest wall excessively this is a sign of the pockets might be too large for your prosthesis. The breasts volume should be redistributed with changing posture but the implants themselves should not be moving around.

Are my Breast Implant Pockets Too Big? (photo)

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Very hard to advise over the internet in your personal situation! Best to seek a few IN PERSON examinations from boarded PSs in your city. In my opinion YES the pocket appear to large! 

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