My Breast Implant Extruded After 2 Years. Did my Body Reject the Implant?

i had silicone polyeurethane coated breast implants placed over the muscle 2 years ago. 6 weeks ago i got what looked like a small bruise on the scar line of my right breast that was extremely painful to touch. this developed into a kind of red blister about a cm in diameter that continued to get bigger. the blister eventually burst leaving a hole in my skin with the implant clearly visible through it, i ended up with a 5cm diameter hole with extriding implant. any idea why this happened?

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Implant Extruded After 2 Years

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I am sorry for the difficulties you are going through. It is hard to know in an individual case without having seen you or at least seeing some photos. However by her description I would say the likely cause with a late implant infection. Most implant infections occur early in the post operative period and fortunately these are quite uncommon.

It is still less common to see these as far out as 2 years.Occasionally there may be a triggering event such as an infection elsewhere in the body including strep throat, ear infection, pneumonia etc. occasionally there may have been a procedure such as dental hygiene.

I would presume you're surgeon remove the implant and has advised you against replacing it for at least a period of 3 months or longer..



Best wishes and good luck to you.

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