My Breast Have Grown over the Past Two Months, from a 12F to 12G and I Don't Know Why

I am 28 years old and 5.1 and have lost a little bit of weight and now way 61kg but over the past 2 months my breast have grown a cup size. They are very heavy and sometime find it feels like my chest is caving and hard to breath. Just want to know why they have gone up a size.

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Breast growth at 28

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it is unusual to have breast growth at age 28. There are a lot of potential reasons that can cause this. ALl of which should be investigated by physical exam, medical history, and work-up.

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Rapid Breast Growth?

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Given your rapid significant breast growth despite weight loss,  I think you should be seen by your primary care/internist for a full history, physical examination, and possible laboratory/radiologic workup.

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Rapid Breast Growth

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Normal breasts do not grow rapidly. Such a complaint needs to be closely investigated with a physical examination and if needed by a MRI to rule out an underlining pathology. Without a face to face examination all guessing and conjecture are useless. Please consult a breast surgeon. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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