Are my breast considered tubular syndrome?

Im 23 and im not sure if i have tubular breast deformity. I want to go for a consultation but i dont know if i will be covered by my insurance?

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Tubular breast or not?

From your pictures, it does seem that you have at least some tubular aspects to your breasts.  This can be challenging for the surgeon and patient, alike.  Be sure that you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience with these cases.  And it's doubtful that insurance will cover the surgery.

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Insurance typically doesn't cover

Yes, it appear from the photo that you included that you have constricted bases and enlarged, herniated nipples. These are two of the main characteristics of tuberous breasts. I recommend that you see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full  evaluation to have all of your questions answered.  Insurance does not typically cover something like this because it is for appearance.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Tubular breasts

According to the photo you provided, it appears that your breast are tuberous. Insurance wouldn't cover corrective surgery because it would be for aesthetic purposes.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Are my breasts considered tubular?

Thank you for your question!   Given your photos, it does appear that you have a tuberous breast/constricted breast deformity.  The standard procedure would be placement of an implant (or tissue expander, depending on the lower pole of your breast) as well as a circumareolar breast lift.  These modalities would correct the issues with tuberous breast: constricted breast at the inferior pole, via breast prosthetic; scoring of the tissue to release the bands; lowering the inframammary fold; correcting the herniation of breast tissue into the areolae; and decreasing the overall size of the areolae.  These are the hallmarks of tuberous breasts.  

Consult with a plastic surgeon well-versed in breast surgery and discuss your goals and expectations.  S/he will then be able to examine and discuss the various options and assist you in deciding which decision os the right one for you, given your desires.  I would expect a very pleasing result for you!  Hope that this helps!  Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Tubular breasts and insurance coverage


From the pictures you provided, you do appear to have tubular breasts.  To find out your surgical options, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. It is unlikely that insurance will cover this type of procedure, but feel free to contact your provider to see if it is a covered benefit.


George John Alexander, MD, FACS
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Tuberous breast deformity

Thanks for the images of your breasts.  Yes, they have the classical appearance of tuberous breasts with a narrow base and relatively large areolas.  Unfortunately, corrective surgery for this condition is not covered by insurance.  You should see a plastic surgeon who has done a few of these to obtain a good results.  Best of luck!

Joseph N. Togba, MD
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Are my breast considered tubular syndrome?

25 responses WOW! Yes you have tuberous deformity. And NO health insurance does not cover these operations. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Tuberous breasts?

From your photograph, it appears that you have a tubular breast deformity that can be corrected usually with breast augmentation and a breast lift to make the nipple areola complex smaller. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to address your concerns.

Donna Rich, MD
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Tuberous Breasts

Based on your photo, you appear to have tuberous breasts.  Tuberous breasts would still fall under the category of cosmetic surgery. Therefore, would not be covered by insurance.  Naturally, you may check with your insurance provider but I can't think of a reason that would make it medically necessary to have surgery. 

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Tuberous breast and financing

Yes, from your photos you have tuberous shaped breasts (the base of the breast being constricted, while the skin around the areolas is loose, causing the nipples to be positioned at or below the fold under the breast).  This condition can be corrected with a periareolar breast lift along and breast augmentation along with possible scoring of the under surface of the breast gland.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider tuberous breasts to be a normal variant of breast developement and do not cover the cost of the surgery.  However, there are a number of companies which can help provide financing for this cosmetic surgery.  

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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