Does my Bottom Lids Look Like It's Turning Outward? I Had a Lower Bleph W/ Canthopexy & Skin Excised 1 Month Ago? (photo)

I'm a bit worry because it didn't look like like that a week ago. It looks "fleshy". I have to fill the spaces by penciled in the inner lids with my eyeliner

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Does my Bottom Lids Look Like It's Turning Outward? I Had a Lower Bleph W/ Canthopexy & Skin Excised 1 Month Ago? (photo)

The left lower eyelid does look slightly retracted, I am not sure about the right lower eyelid from the photo.  Seeing you pre-operative photos would be helpful.  At this point, you should definitely see your surgeon for his opinion or get a second opinion in person from an Oculoplastic surgeon.

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lower eyelid rounding after bleph can be improved

lower eyelid rounding after bleph should be treated early
typically there are three causes
1 if an incision was made through the muscle, the nerves to the support system of the lower eye are cut and take a few months to grow back
2 while the nerves are regenerating scarring can occur which will pull the lower lid down (middle lameller syndrome)
3 if lower lid fat was removed the lower lid has lost the foundation support it provides
what you can do
start massaging the lower eyelid up towards your brow, you need to counter the scarring forces that are pulling it down while the nerve recovers
if you can feel the scar holding the lid down it needs to be stretched out by a surgeon
restoring volume to the orbit using either a fat transfer or restylane will bring the lid up and help counter the scarring forces, 

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You have some retraction of the lower eyelids

Retraction means the eyelid is pulled down. It is not turned away from the eye (ectropion) but they are both sagging down a bit. That may go away by itself as the remodeling process progresses over the next few months. If not, you may need a touch-up to raise and tighten the eyelids.

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