First Botox treatment: Wanted to lift brow without crazy arches

The Dr only did 3 injections one at the top of my nose and one just above my eyebrows just before the midway point (i.e towards the nose rather than the temple). What exactly will this do for my eyes? Thanks

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Botox brow lifting

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Thank you for your question. Shaping the brows is one my favorite parts of using Botox. It requires a very detailed understanding of the underlying anatomy as well as assessing each individual while they are animating their brows. By carefully placing Botox in the muscles that depress the brow, you can cause the brow to rest and relax in a lifted position. There are limits to how much you can lift, and for some surgery is better option. Incorrect assessment or placement can also lead to the reverse effect, so overall technique is critical. You can also shape the brow different. For example, you can raise the tail of the brow vs creating a raised arched brow vs creating a raised horizontal brow. It depends on the individual's desired brow aesthetic goals. I would consider this a very advanced technique so I would query your injector on their experience in this area.
If you didn't quite get the shape you are looking for, then I would return to your injector and let them reassess you.  They may need to make adjustments.

Botox and eyebrows

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It sounds like you need to return to your treating  physician for a touch-up of Botox to correct the injections.  The injections should not effect your eyes but a photo would be helpful.  Please let me know what happens.

To Prevent Spock Brows.

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The Corrugator Muscles make the frown. They  are both below the inner part of your brow and must be treated. Also the frown injections include an injection in the Procerus muscle which is below  the area between the brows at the top of your nose. Finally you need  2 injections above your brow 1.5-2cm above the brow lateral to the iris to  get the tale of the Corrugator Muscle. To prevent the Spock Brow inject over the lateral iris not the pupil. When you do not go lateral enough on these two  injections the the lateral part of of your forehead muscles will lift your brow create Dr. Spock! In summary

Glabellar lines or  frown lines used for FDA approval: 2.5 cc dilution- Inject 4 units (0.1 mL) into each of 5 sites, 2 in each corrugator muscle and 1 in procerus muscle for a total dose of 20 units - by the way these are my injection sites and dilution the used for approval

Arnold W. Klein, MD (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Eyebrow lift with botox

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To achieve an eyebrow lift the central part of forehead muscle needs to relax. So the lateral part of the frontal muscle elevates the outside part of the brow. Sometimes botox on the top part of the nose and below the brows in the outside part helps elevate the brows.  So your injections may not have much eyebrow elevation, if that's what you are expecting.

Sanjay Parashar, MD
Dubai Plastic Surgeon
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Botox to lift the brow without Spock brows

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The injection on your central mid brow that you described should give a nice softening of your frown lines ("elevens"), and even a little lateral brow lift because of the lack of treatment laterally and the compensatory lateral muscle contraction.  Sometimes when no Botox is put in the lateral brow, those lateral forehead muscles will reflexively contract, and there is too much lift causing wrinkles and Spock brow.  It is a good idea to have a small injection of 2-3 units in the lateral brow (above the eyebrows) to prevent the Spock brow and Spock wrinkle.  That being said, I would also add a small amount of Botox to the lateral brow (under the eyebrow), just 1-2 units to maintain an attractive brow lift. 

Karen Stolman, MD
Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon

Wanted to lift brow with Botox

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If the purpose of your Botox treatment was to raise your brows, then the injection should be placed under the brows and not above.  The injections that you describe at the top of the nose and above the mid portion of the brows would be more appropriate for treating the frown lines between the brows.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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