Is my Botox Jaw Reduction Working?

4 days ago I got botox injected into my jaws to make them smaller and slimmer. I haven't felt any difference or soreness or anything different with my jaw. I am concered that it isn't working. When will I notice a difference?

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Botox to reduce Jaw width

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If your jaw muscles give your face a wide or square appearence then Botox into the muscles can slim the area. Once the Botox is injected it takes several months and likely one or two additional botox treatments to see the final result.

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Botox works well for Jaw Reduction

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Botox can work very well to reduce the square appearance to your jaw. As a muscle "relaxer", it works by reducing the volume of the Masseter muscle. This is one of the large muscles involved in chewing, and it's size simply adds to the fullness in front of, and below the ear.  There are several important things to consider when using Botox to decrease the square, bottom heavy look to your face. First, it will only help to slim the look of the jaw if the size of the Masseter muscle is causing the heaviness that you don't like. If it is the jowling we see with age (caused by the cheek tissue that has started to descend into the bottom half of the face) that is causing the heaviness in the bottom of the face, and not the size of the Masseter muscle, then Botox is not going to work. Secondly, Botox takes up to 10 days to take full effect and it simply may not have been enough time since your injection to see a noticable difference. Third, there is a certain amount of finesse involved with this type of injection. You want to relax enough of the muscle to get the slimming effect but not so much of the muscle that you are not able to bite down hard enough to eat normally. It is much better to under-inject than over-inject. Your doctor learns from each injection how much Botox is actually needed and over what area he or she needs to inject the Botox, in order to get the desired result. It may simply be that you have not notced the result you are looking for because you will need a little bit more Botox or will need a larger part of the muscle injected. It does sometimes take several injections to fine tune the technique for your particular anatomy. Be patient. If the results are not what you want, you may need to work with your doctor to help with this fine tuning proccess.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Jaw Reduction with Botox works well but takes time

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Botox can be placed into the muscles of the jaw to reduce the appearacne of the jaw angle. These muscle are called teh masseter muscles and the Botox weakend them adn makes them shrink over time. This works very well, but it can take several treatments to see significant difference. Remember, the Botox can take a week to start working and then the treatment needs to be repeated every 4-6 months for about a year to see much improvement. Jaw reduction with Botox has become a very commonly requested procedure in my office, particularly with my asian patients.

Botox in jaw line

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Botox injected into the jaw line to reduce masseter hypertrophy takes several treatments repeated over a year or twos time to see a good effect.

Botox in the jaw takes time to work

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Botox in muscles around the jaw to shrink them works differently than botox in other areas of the face.  The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to the effects of a muscle in the arm after being in a cast for a few weeks.  When the cast is removed, the arm looks small because the muscle shrinks or atrophies from not using it. 

When placing botox to shrink the muscles around the jaw it works similarly.  The goal is prevent part of the muscle to move, and it will slowly shrink.  So at 4 days, I would not expect you to see a change.  It will take a couple of weeks for you to see a change and it will be gradual.

Botox in this area should not affect function.  You should not feel weak in chewing, soreness etc.  That would be abnormal.

I think you are doing well.


I hope this helps!


I hope this helps!

Wait to see results

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It can take up to 2 weeks for results to appear. If by two weeks you still aren't satisfied with your results, please return to your injector. Perhaps not enough was administered. It is common for the dosage to be on the conservative side when patients are getting Botox for the first time.

Botox for jaw definition

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Not all people will get better defined jaw lines from botox. If there is a pulling of the neck muscles (the platysma) which is making more of a jowl, then Botox can help shape the jaw line. If there are hypetrophic masseters (chewing muscles) then Botox may help make the jaw line look finer.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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