Was my Botox Jaw Reduction Done Correctly?

I had botox jaw reduction 7 days ago. 40 units on both sides. no side effects. My jaw works like before. I was told that my jaw muscles should be weakening gradually. But I feel no difference and my jaw muscles still moves..I know it can take 3 months for visible results. But was told that botox should be working when you feel the muscles weakening. Since I can still feel my muscles protrude, does that mean the procedure was not done right? Makes me feel like I was injected with a placebo

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Botox for masseter reduction

An easy way to gauge the effectiveness of a Botox treatment for masseter reduction is to put your hands on the sides of your jaw and bite down.  When you clench your teeth you will feel the bulge of the masseter muscle.  When effectively treated with Botox, the muscle will have minimal to no movement and will remain flat even with clenching.  

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Botox Jaw Reduction

Botox can take up to two full weeks to take effect.  Although, some of my patients notice a slimming jawline after the initial injection, others may not notice improvement until after their third treatment, each being 3 months apart for one another.  The best way to see if there has been an improvement is to take before and after pictures.  It’s hard to see a noticeable change in the mirror. If you still have additional questions I recommend you to schedule a follow up appointment with your cosmetic injector.


James Chan, MD
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Have you considered mandible contouring?

Most of the times Botox takes care of the muscles of the jaw. However even when fully effective the angles of the jaw may be prominent as this may be caused by exuberant bone in that area. It definitely takes 1-2 weeks in order to see the effects of Botox. Other times it is necessary to remove the extra bone to give the angle of the mandible to give it a smooth shape.

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Botox in the masseter muscle

It will take months to see a difference in your jawline after masseter muscle injection with a neurotoxin.  The  result from this treatment relies on atrophy of the muscle to shrink the muscle and reduce jawline width and this atrophy will be occurring over up to 6 months following the injection.  

Catherine Durboraw, MD
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Botox and masseter muscle

Treating masseter muscle hypertrophy with Botox will take several treatments to see the muscle atrophy. It will not just happen with one treatment.

Steven Wallach, MD
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IT takes time for muscle size to decrease

Dear Patient,

40 units (20/each side) is a pretty strong dose and you should feel the full effect over the next week.  But please remember, Botox is a muscle relaxer, it does not reduce the size per se.  Your jaw muscles will continue to move otherwise you would not be able to eat, chew, or swallow.  If you relax the masseter (jaw) muscles continuously over a very long period of time (many months) it will continue to shrink slightly.  So your initial results can be subtle.  As long as you're not having negative symptoms, you just have to wait more time.   Best of luck

Daniel Yamini, MD
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