How Can I Make my Both Sides of the Breast Equal?

i m 16 year old girl... my left sie of breast is considaerably small then the right one.. i am really very worried and i feel very shy too.. i havent told any one note even my mother.. plz help me.. suggest me some medicine.. i dont want to have any surgery because i dont want any one to know about it..

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Asymmetry is the norm

Breast development continues throughout a woman's life, with a first stage of maturity achieved at 19-20 years old. Asymmetry is also the norm for women, as no breasts are perfectly symmetrical in size and/or shape. Don't worry, because your asymmetry is perfectly normal and you may find that it is evens out as you age.

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How Can I Make my Both Sides of the Breast Equal?

Yes surgery can be done to make both sides more symmetric. If one side hangs or is more ptotic then a lift can be done. If the volume has to be addressed then an implants can be placed to create symmetry. Breast asymmetry is very common so do not feel shy about this. Find yourself a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can examine you and provide you with options Good Luck

Constance M. Barone, MD
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