I Think My Boobs Still Look Small And How Long Does It Take For Them To Drop?

I got surgery on September 6 2013 575cc and I wish I would had gotten them bigger because I feel like they look small.. right now they look really weird the right boob looks like it dropped already but every time I lay down and get up I feel a big pressure in my right boob.. my left boob still needs dropping to do it looks weird. How long does it take for them to completely drop and will I get my feeling back because my boobs still feel numb in the middle(nipple) and around.

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My breasts still look small. How long does it take to drop

It can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your breasts to settle so try to give it some time since it's only been about 8 weeks. Perhaps ask your surgeon about massaging or wearing a breast band to help your breasts to drop. When they drop, they will look fuller as the shape will change and soften so give it some time before deciding if they are too small. 575cc are big implants and your body may not have been able to accommodate larger. Just give yourself time but make sure you communicate your concerns with your surgeon. ac

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Implant size

Most of your symptoms are related to the fact that your Plastic Surgeon heard your requests and placed the largest implants that could safely be placed at the time of your surgery. It is a month post op and the skin is still tight. Issues about larger implants as well as the usual issues related to dropping, asymmetry, etc, are best entertained months to a year after your original surgery. Patience will be well rewarded in your case. You are going to have a very nice result.

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#BreastAugmentation Recovery

From your photos, you do show some asymmetry of the breasts, but this may be related to your pre-op appearance. You need to compare the end result to the pre-op. 575 cc implants are large and it may not have been possible to put in a larger size at the time of your augmentation - discuss this with your surgeon. Normally, it takes 3-6 months for you to get a true picture of what your results will be so be patient.

Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.

Best of luck,

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Post op breast implant dropping

You are still very recently post-op so do give it some time. The implants will continue to fall. You may at some point wish to adress the issue of your nipple asymmetry, however - this is not improved or worsened by breast augmentation surgery.

I Think My Boobs Still Look Small And How Long Does It Take For Them To Drop?

You need to understand you most likely were asymmetric in the location of the N/A complexes so a large implant will magnify this issue. A right lifting would address this.

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