My Boobs Still Are Saggy? (photo)

I had breast aug 14 years ago. Mt right one lost volume and data eyed to sag. They were saline implants. 2 months ago I had breast revision done and went with silicone. Instead of one saggy they both are now. My ps says they look good and in 5 years will give me a lift please I need some expert help

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If breasts look good don't get a lift even if the breast measurements imply the need for.

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It's difficult to give an authoritative opinion based on the photograph provided. It may be that the nipple areolar complex is below the infra mammary fold in could technically be improved with mastopexy. However outwardly the breast look good and I would be disinclined to suggest a mastopexy in the situation. I

Saggy after gel implants

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You have had implants for a long time.  Your skin has stretch slightly from this and  predicting results from reaugmentations can be difficult.  Usually larger implants are needed to 'take up' the extra volume from stretching and aging.  If you wished to be the same size, usually some form of lift is needed to maintain perkiness as the breast tissue stretches even more if the old scar tissue was removed at the same time.  You do not look bad... and if your surgeon will 'give' you a lift, I would get it in writing in case memories forget.

My Boobs Still Are Saggy?

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Very poorly posted photo. But the appearance is very acceptable. You could consider a donut lift though. 

Breast augmentation photos.

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With only one view it is difficult to say for sure but your right one looks a bit low, and that may be how the breast is shaped and what you started with.  A small areola lift may help. An exam in person is key.

Breast implants

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I think you have a good result, but I only have the picture you posted to judge. You look very natural. If you want the round perky artificial implanted look, then a lift can do that, but unless you are hanging more than you appear in this photo, then I would not recommend it.

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