My Boobs Arent Even Anymore...can This Be Fixed Without Surgery?

My boobs looked amazing the first month after surgery. I loved them! But now I am exactly 3 months out and they arent even :( The left one has stayed exactly the same shape, size etc from1 month. However the right side...looks uneven. The nipple points out and up. Its way off from the other. The right side ripples and it sits differently. It is no longer round like the left one. I have followed all the instructions exactly. My surgery was submuscular saline, under the arm.

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My Boobs Arent Even Anymore...can This Be Fixed Without Surgery?

It appears your implant has dropped too low and you will need surgical correction...There is no real non-surgical way to fix this and even the surgical treatments are hard to do as well!!!  Unfortunately, implants don't always stay where we all want them and some do need correction...

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

I'm sorry to hear/see the complication you have experienced after breast augmentation surgery. Based on your picture, it appears that the right breast implant has settled too low (bottomed out).  Unfortunately, the situation will not be correctable without surgery. At this point, I think it is too early to proceed with revisionary breast surgery. I would suggest that you wait at least another 3 to 6 months to allow for both breast implants to reach  a final position.

It may be that correction of the right breast implant pocket using internal sutures ( capsulorrhaphy)  maybe necessary to improve the breast symmetry.  Make sure you work with a plastic surgeon who can demonstrate significant experience with revisionary breast surgery.

Best wishes.

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Change in breast shape

It looks like you have some bottoming out on the right but an exam in person would really help guide the choice of procedures.  Good luck.

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Shape changes after breast augmentation

A tear in the pectoralis muscle may show as a significant shape change as the muscle appears to have retracted upwards with the implant bottoming out.

Correcting this kind of problem requires a complex revision procedure including capsulorraphy, re-insertion of the pectoralis, and reconstruction of the breast fold.

Mario Diana, MD
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