Can I Get my Whole Body Lasered? Skin is Really Patchy and Bumpy.

i'm just wondering if i could get my whole body lasered as i am quite embarrassed by the small goosebumps i have all over me, my skin is really bumpy and patchy and i hoped a laser treatment would make the texture better and even it out, also making it smooth. i'm really desperate to improve my horrible skin, please help! i know its the whole body i'm talking about, but Kim Kardashian said she had 'just about everything lasered' on her whole body, what did she mean? i wish i had skin like hers!

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Can I Get my Whole Body Lasered?

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Laser hair removal is safe enough to be used on the entire body, including more sensitive areas like face, underarms and bikini area. Purchasing a package would be ideal, you would need 6-8 sessions to see full correction and this would also help with any ingrown hair. I strongly suggest finding a reputable physician who treats all skin types to promote a lasting result.  

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