No Changes to my Body After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 7 days post my brazilian butt lift and most of my swelling has gone. My abdomen has gone back to its original size 36 inches, will this get smaller? My butt has gone back to its original size, will this get bigger? My hips is still at 42 inches. I'm highly disappointed as I haven't seen any improvements.

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No change 7 days after the BBL. Will I see improvement withe time?

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The BBL using fat is the preferred treatment for buttock augmentation. It provides the most natural result. But there is about a 30-35% of fat absorption resulting in dissapointment after the first procedure, if this is not adequately explained before the surgery. If there is absorption it will be apparent beginning 1 week post-op with the semi-final result being apparent at 6 weeks. After 6 weeks the buttocks do not change much. You should, at first, review the pre-op photos with the photos after 6 weekspost-op. I'm sure that you wil see improvement, although less than what you mayhave expected. The good news is that, assuming you have sufficinet donor fat, you can have a second procedure after 3 months and usually after a second procedure there is very little fat absorption. This is what the data on hundreds of my patients has shown. So you need to return to your plastic surgeon for continued follow-up and let him make recommendations to you.

Ineffective Brazilian Buttock Lift

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7 days is simply too early to make any determination about your results. However,the most common complications after a BBL is under correction. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the procedure, the location, and inability to harvest enough fat, disappointments like yours are common. I recommend patience and re evaluation in 6 months. You might need implants.

Sepehr Egrari, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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