My bloodwork came back with elevated calcium. Is there a risk in having my TT in 2 weeks?

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My bloodwork came back with elevated calcium. Is there a risk

There is some risk unless the elevation is trivial. Some of the risks relate to the anesthetic, but the real issue is discovering the cause and determining the treatment that might be recommended.

Let your surgeon and primary physician know so you can be advised how to proceed, and whether or not your surgery should be rescheduled to minimize any risk to you.

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It depends how elevated the calcium is. I would talk to your internist regarding this. I recently postponed a surgery for a calcium of 13, and sent the patient to an endocrinologist who found that the patient had hyperparathyroidism, and after his treatment for this, he had a normal calcium and had the plastic surgery. There are other causes of increased calcium, which my anesthesiologist says can lead to anesthetic risks. Hope this helps.

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