Does my Belly Button Need to Be Removed?

I had a umblical hernia repair in Oct 2011. I had a large 4" opening and incision was done in the top of my belly button. In January 2012 I developed a severe neuroma and my doctor fixed it with using sclerosis. I developed a baseball size amount of scar tissue that faded over three months and everything was fine. Seven weeks ago I felt a rip and it was a muscle rip and now he tells me that to go in and repair the muscle I will lose my belly button due to scar tissue does this sound right?

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Risk Of Umbilical Loss With Surgery

I think what he was saying was that there is a risk of umbilical necrosis/loss by the operation due to your previous proceures, not that he definitely planned to remove it.

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Does my Belly Button Need to Be Removed

Thank you for your question. I am having a bit of difficulty understanding the rationale for the recommendation to remove your navel. Sometimes during a tummy tuck combined with umbilical hernia repair the blood supply to the navel is threatened, but I don't get what has happened and what is proposed.

Your best bet may be to get a second opinion from another surgeon.

Thanks, and best wishes. 

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