My Old Belly Button Piercing is Still There After Tummy Tuck. Any Way to Get Rid Of It?

It's honestly kind of embarrassing. He pulled all the skin down and it looks really nice. I mean, the scar is higher than I would have liked and it has raised my pubic hair about an inch above where it was before, but oh well. I have come to terms with it and thankfully I don't scar heavy. A concern I have though, is that while my old belly button is gone, the piercing hole is not. It is right above the scar, almost directly on the scar. Can he cut it off or get rid of it somehow?

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Old Belly Button Piercing above Tummy Tuck Scar?

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Thank you for the question.

Your previous bellybutton piercing scar is still present because your plastic surgeon could not safely remove it at the time of tummy tuck surgery. However, it may be possible that after a period of time (for example 6 months to one year)  that there will be enough skin laxity present to allow for excision of the area.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon who will be in the best position to advise you.

Best wishes.

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