Will my Belly Button Open Up? 5 Weeks 4 Days Post Tummy Tuck. (photo)

I attached a picture of my belly button, I was just wondering if my belly button will ever open up and look natural again? And if it will when should I expect for that to start happening? I tried the "marbel" thing, but my belly button is rock hard so it won't let me put the marble in. Is there anything I can do? Oh I am currently 5 weeks and 4 days PO.

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Belly button can be improved after tummy tuck.

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It looks like your belly button can be improved with a relatively minor revision.  Talk to your plastic surgeon or get another opinion.

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Tight Tummy Tuck Belly Buttons do NOT usually open up by themselves

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The vast majority of Tummy Tuck belly buttons are not created by the Plastic surgeons (Neoumbilicoplasty) but rather are your old belly button being brought out through tummy skin which was higher and was pulled down. The size of the opening and your ethnicity may be associated with a very tight scar around the rim which shuts the belly button like a pulled string on a lawn bag. 

The marbledistention did not work because you were not shown how to do it properly. Depending on the age and tightness of the scar your surgeon may retry different size marbles, injections of steroids to soften the scar or surgically re-doing the belly button. Discuss it with him.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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