Is my Belly Button Normal 2 Weeks Post TT? What Is the Hard Spot above BB? (photo)

I am 16 days post op from a tummy tuck, I'm concerned about my belly button as it looks like a large outey. Is it normal for it to look like this in the early stages, will it tuck in or will I eventually need a revision? I really don't want an outey. Also I can feel something hard through my skin just above my belly button, when I touch it softly it hurts and feels like something sharp is stabbing my skin other than that its not worrying me I'm guessing its a suture? Is this an urgent problem?

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Hardness over umbilicus after tummy tuck

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You are probably seeing postop swelling and will need to give it time to resolve. As swelling resolves, various areas may feel more tender or sensitive to you and you should definitely see your plastic surgeon in followup to alleviate your concerns.

Bellybutton two weeks out.

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Thank you for your photograph. 

Two weeks your belly button does look a bit swollen but there is no obvious sign from what I can see here of redness or infection.  Sometimes swelling can occur if there is slight constriction of the base of the bellybutton and this will generally resolve overtime.  The key is that the bellybutton looks pink. Swelling will usually resolve overtime as the tissues relax.

Without examining you I'm not sure what to make of the ball that you feel or the discomfort I think it would be completely reasonable for you to check in with your plastic surgeon who will likely be able to put reminded ease.

Best wishes.

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