My Belly Button Looks Too Flat After TT and MR? (photo)

I am 3 months post TT with MR. I think my belly button looks too flat without enough depth to look like an "innie". My PS is trying to convince me that it looks good especially compared to the original bb. Even though a revision was offered I could tell its not something he wanted to do. What do you think?

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Shallow belly button

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Soemtimes the thickness of the abdominal wall is thin thin and to get depth to your belly button is next to impossible so for now I wqould leave it allone.

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Flat BB

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I agree with Dr. Blinski. This is an acceptable result and I would encourage you to wait at least six months more for things to continue to settle down.

My Belly Button Looks Too Flat After TT and MR?

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Thanks for the posted before and after photos of your bb. Yes I think your result is quite acceptable. I would recommend you leave well enough alone. Your PS sounds very ethical and reasonable. 

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