Can my Belly Button Be Fixed Easily and Should I Have to Pay for It? (photo)

Fifty yr old women. 22 yr ago 3 kids, (2 C-sec) & 11 months ago I had a tt with hernia rpr w/o MR. I asked the PS if I needed MR and he had me tighten my stomach muscles and said, no. The next visit I asked again about the MR and he assured me I did not need it. Months latr I did crunches I noticed my stomach came to a point! Also, my belly button looked triangular, flat, small & hypertrophic. The PS said, he should have done MR. What do I do and who pays for it? My BB is very unattractive.

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Can my Belly Button Be Fixed Easily and Should I Have to Pay for It? (photo)

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This result is disappointing, your frustration understood.  Unfortunately, we surgeons make judgments that are not always correct.  Even with plication ("muscle repair"), recurrent abdominal bulging may occur, so you cannot with certainty know your result would have been better with plication.  No side view prevents evaluation of bulging before and after.  Although impossible to be sure without in person examination, I believe from the photos, if you presented in my office, I would offer secondary abdominoplasty with or perhaps without some pre-surgical weight loss to allow tight plication.  Regarding payment, I would expect that the individual to whom the service is provided would pay for it.

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