Will my belly button continue to improve after tummy tuck? I am ten days post op. (Photo)

I am a 29yo mom of three. I am ten days post op today-tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. I am wondering what the chances are that my belly button will look better than this. My assumption is that this is still very swollen. I am hoping the "inflated brain" look will die down and it will look more like a normal belly button.

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Will my belly button continue to improve after tummy tuck? I am ten days post op.

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It could be just swelling. If after 3 months there is no change than a umbilical revision would be OK... 

Bellybutton after abdominoplasty

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10 days post op is still very early. Your belly button appears to be swollen and this should improve in the next few weeks. There is always the risk of irregular scarring or irregular shape as well as pigmentation changes. With time these concerns usually improve.

All the best,

Phillip Dahan, M.D., CM, FACS

Belly Button

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Hi there,

There is no doubt your belly button is still swollen and it will improve over the coming weeks and months. 

There is a small area which appears to be at about 7 O'clock in your photo that looks a bit bruised. This area may take a little longer to heal but shouldn't affect the long term result.

Make sure you show your plastic surgeon at your follow up visit just to be sure.

All the best

Richard Bloom

Will my belly button continue to improve after tummy tuck?

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A swollen belly button is normal after a tummy tuck and takes months to resolve. It is much to early to judge the results. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Belly button 10 days after tummy tuck

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  • You are swollen,
  • The belly button will shrink down,
  • Be sure your plastic surgeon knows about the area of black/blue discoloration,
  • this will probably take extra time to heal. Best wishes.

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Yes you are still swollen.  The swelling will last several weeks.  The belly button will decrease in size over time.

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