If my Belly Buttom Had Been Pulled Up During the Surgery Should I Have an Incision There? (photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck 7 months ago. Now my belly buttom looks very low, it is hideous. My doctor insists he pulled it up during the surgery but I never had any kind of incision there. There is any way to adjust it without reopen my stomach. The surgery was very painfull and the lack of professionalism and accuracy toward something so important is sad. I had high expectations and kind of hoping I would finally be able to put a bikini again...

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??Navel pulled down during TT surgery.

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In a "classical" mini-TT, the navel stays where it is. It could be tugged down a fraction of an inch by the downward pull on the skin and fat, but that is all.

If your navel is really a lot lower (Pre-op photo would help if possible) one possibility is that the operation you had was an "umbilical float", where the navel is lifted off of the abdominal wall and resutured in a lower position. This might allow a small amount of excess skin from the abdomen to be treated without an incision around the navel, which some patients don't want, and in patients who think their navel is too high, or who at least would accept a lower navel as a trade-off. 

Without seeing photos or an operative note, I wouldn't render a guess.I am not sure I understand what it means when you say the surgeon pulled up your navel. 

The navel can be moved, but how to do that would depend on a live physical exam. It will require an operation, though considerably less of one that your tummy tuck


Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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Mini tummy tuck does not remove your belly button what happens is that the belly button is stretched down giving you a stretched out belly button. There is no way of correcting it without making an incision. Sorry to hear your UN happy with your results. Each practice is different they should of reviewed all your options.


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