Do You Think my Belly Will Become Flat with the Time? (photo)

Hi, today has been 8 days since i had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. I went to clinic on day 7 to take off the dressings. The nurse said she is happy with the looks of the scar and said next week i need to go and take the stitches around the belly button. Although i understand its quite early days into the surgery I'm worried with how the belly looks around the belly button. It seems it folds to the inside. I don't care about stretched marks but i really hoped for flat tummy...

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Do You Think my Belly Will Become Flat with the Time?

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Photos that are comparable with the pre-ops would be more helpful, as neither post-op is quite the same view as the corresponding pre-op. I would assume (but cannot see to be sure) that there is no vertical incision in the area below the navel.

I would expect improvement, as any irregularity will be magnified by the swelling. I do see a small midline indentation in the preop photo, just above the navel, and that is likely the skin that is now below the navel. That may be an explanation. Allow several month for the swelling to resolve. If this persists, it will be fixable. 

Best wishes.

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