My Belling Button Looks Like a Pencil Sharpener Just a Hole is This Normal?

I had A tummy tuck a year ago my plastic surgeon stated my belly button would look better with time it still now looks like a electical pencil sharpener looks like a hole , is that normal ? im going in for my one year check up , is this something he should fix?

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Problems with the umbilical scar from an abdominplasty

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The belly button is the most visible scar from an abdominoplasty since the low transverse scar can be hidden by a bathing suit bottom or underwear.  Since the scar is circular it tends to contract.  Sometimes despite the best intentions and designs it does not heal well and will constrict down.  When this happens the opening looks distorted and abnormal.  It can be revised and hopefully you will get an improved appearance to this area.  

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There are many different techniques in making a belly button

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It could be that your belly button was designed to look the way you are describing.  Sometimes there are issues with wound healing that can also cause this.  These are issues that your plastic surgeon can address.  Often there are ways to improve what you are describing by liposculpting the tissue around the belly button.  Without an examination it is not possible to tell.  Visit the link below to see how liposculpting can enhance the shape of the tummy tuck umbilicoplasty. 

Dev Wali, MD
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Pencil hole belly buttons not normal...

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and it sounds like you have a stenosis of your umbilicus... your surgeon should suggest options for you to manage this including z-plasties of the scar.  If your surgeon says it looks fine, consider asking if they will maintain the hygiene since you won't be able to do it through such a small opening.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Shrinking Belly Button

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I sounds like your belly button has scarred to a smaller dimension. This can be revised to create an increased opening.

Dr. ES


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I find people prefere small versus big belly buttons. That being said if its too small there are creative ways to make the belly button look more normal so ask your surgeon

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