Do I Have to Get my Back Rolls Done when Getting a Tummy Tuck and Removal of the Flanks?

I really want to know will the cost be less if i dont include the back rolls.

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Tummy tuck, liposuction, back rolls

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  I understand the issue of money with any body contouring but do not cut corners if the doctor you chose wants to address the back as well as the front.

  It is better to delay the surgery and have the entire tummy tuck and liposuction done at one time.  The fat in the back rolls is a great place to remove fatty deposits because the skin is so thick.

  See the link and see why. 

  Good luck with it all.  I can tell you that the back rolls even in large cases are really no biggie as far as the time to remove these deposits.

             Steven M. Lynch, M.D.  Albany, New York


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