I am having my BA surgery on April 10th & I'm unsure on the implant size. I'm 5'6, 135 lbs, 34B. Suggestions?

I am doing Mentor silicone gel and I would like to achieve a C /full C natural looking. I am deciding between 350cc and 375cc, but not sure if I want Moderate Profile or Moderate Plus Profile. I don't want to be a D cup though. Any suggestions/opinions?

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Choosing Breast Implant Size

Selecting your implant size is extremely complex and needs to be done in person. This decision should be made after comprehensive discussion and examination with your surgeon. None of us will be able to appropriately advise you here. If you are unsure of your size, make another appointment with your surgeon.

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I am having my BA surgery on April 10th & I'm unsure on the implant size. I'm 5'6, 135 lbs, 34B. Suggestions?

This question could only be answered with an appropriate physical examination.  Without knowing your height and weight, and breast dimensions its hard to answer this.  In my practice I use the Vectra 3D imaging and sizing process in the office.   I wouldnt worry too much over 25cc's but I would recommend you error towards the larger implant since most patients wish they went bigger! Good Luck!

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Choosing and implant

The implants that you are deciding between are very similar in volume, but are more different in the shape they will achieve. Cup size usually is a reflection of volume and so if you like the 350 (assuming you had a sizer/trial session) you will likely be comfortable with the 375. What's left is a personal choice between profiles. Ultimately, it's for you to choose and if your uncertain, have another discussion with your surgeon. 

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What size is best?

I'm sorry but that is only a decision you can make.  My patients all seem happy when they size using external sizers to help them visualize what they will look like with the implants.  And over 95% are completely happy with the sizers duplicating their final results.  If you truly don't want to be a D cup, buy an unlined C cup and use sizers to fill it,

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350 cc breast implants will increase you two cup sizes

Thank you for your question.  There is very little difference between a 350 and a 375 cc breast implant.  Moderate profile plus breast implant provide more projection of the breast and are more commonly used than the moderate profile which tend to be flat and wide.  It is crucial that you revisit your plastic surgeon and have another discussion about your choice of implant size and hopefully your surgeon has a breast implant sizing system to give you an idea of how you will look.  You may also read the link below which describes the Rice test which you can use in your own home.

350 or 375 cc implants and moderate plus or moderate profile

The volume difference between the two implants  is minimal and you probably will not notice the difference. As for the profile, it really depends upon your base width, but I will say that I usually do not use the moderate profile silicone implants because I find them to be very flat.

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Best mentor silicone implant for full c cup

Hello and thanks for your question
 Without an examination its really impossible to give advice on which implant will give you your desired final cup size. And I think,also, cup size may vary from bra to bra and is not an exact measurement. In my office I am able to get a fairly good impression of what general proportion a patient wants by showing before and after images of similarly sized women. This is then supplemented by measurement of the breast diameter, which defines the breast profile (moderate plus vs high profile) best suited to the patient. The final technique is to use sizers to then more accurately define the volume desired. It is important to keep in mind that the breast appearance with the sizers will be larger than a comparably sized final implant. This means that it is prudent to go for a final implant 25 to 50cc larger than the selected sizer.  Although still a relatively subjective process employing these methods is the best way to determine the best implant size for you.

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Selecting Breast Implant Size

Because there is such a variation in cup size, it is much easier to communicate with your surgeon with photographs. Rather than brining in "afters" of a result you like, look at photos on your surgeons website. Look for women who have a starting point like your and a result that you find pleasing. Be sure you can see multiple views of the images, front, side and oblique.  Before and after photographs are a great communication tool and also an effective way for your surgeon to demonstrate that he has the expertise to provide the result you are looking for. 

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Full C cup breasts

Dear Jll,
It is difficult for us to precisely comment on your question without photos.  However, if you truly have B cup breasts now and are planning a 350 or 375cc implant, either moderate or moderate plus, expect a D cup.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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Choosing An Implant Size

Your plastic surgeon should help guide the implant decision.  There is not any perceivable difference between a 350 and 375 cc implant.  The high profile implants are meant for slightly more projection in a narrower breasts.  A target Cup size is not the goal but a desired "look" is the goal based on your body dimensions.  You will have to trust your surgeon's judgement on producing the YOUR desired result.

Best Wishes

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