I was wondering if there's a surgeon that will charge $5000.00 for a rhynoplasty in Los Angeles. (photo)

What is the price of a ( infracture ) ? Tipoplasty ? Price to fix a bump ?

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Rhinoplasty? Great idea. Just don’t select a surgeon based on low fees only.

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Dear Axe86; It looks like you are an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty. It looks like you need bump removal, some refinement and perhaps lifting the nose away from the lip because it looks a bit long, maybe even drooping down too much when you smile. Without more photos, it's hard to tell.Professional services, particularly in such highly-specialized areas as rhinoplasty, require a hands-on examination. A good history is necessary. The surgeon needs to look inside the nose and see if there is a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates or sinus problems that could be contributing to nasal blockage, if you have it. All these things need to be considered. Regarding the outside of the nose: it's always best to have computer imaging so you can see the predicted results of the surgery the surgeon is suggesting.There is nothing like that "meeting of the minds" in which you can see what hopefully will make you happy. If what you see on the surgeon's computer screen is not what you had in mind, that's the time to discuss it with the surgeon. You see, there are many variables in what's done in rhinoplasty. There is no such thing as a "single rhinoplasty." Some people need to have the bump removed and some do not. Others need to have the tip refined while others do not. Some need to have the nose lifted from the tip and have the depressor muscle released so the tip does not droop, and others do not. Maybe your nose has a bridge that is a bit too high and that needs to be dealt with. My point is that you will be short-changing yourself regarding what is a fair and appropriate fee until you have consultations.

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Rhinoplasty for an in- fracture, tip-plasty and hump removal

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The cost of a rhinoplasty is driven by 3 factors: These are surgeons fee, anesthesia fee, and operating room fee. It is best to shop quality, not price since nasal surgery is the hardest operation to  perform in the entire field of cosmetic surgery. Revisional  rhinoplasty surgery  will  cost a lot more it is not done right first time.

My Axelle and I was wondering if there's a surgeon that will charge $5000.00 for a rhynoplasty in Los Angeles.

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    There are a few who will charge that amount for a rhinoplasty in Los Angeles.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Seeking Los Angeles Surgeon to Charge $5,000 for Rhinoplasty

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The cost of your rhinoplasty will depend on what is done during your rhinoplasty surgery. I need to see a full set of pictures as described on my web site to make recommendations. We are all concerned about the cost but do not select a surgeon only on the basis of price; remember that a revision will cost a lot more than the original procedure if the work is not well done.

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That price is unrealistically low.  Don't price shop in rhinoplasty.  Figure it will cost you $7000 at least and probably  a bit more.  In rhinoplasty, selection of the right surgeon is the most important factor.

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