Will my Asymmetrical Nose Even Out As I Get Older?

I am a 14 year old girl who is very insecure about her nose. When I was younger my nose was adorable. However as I started to go through puberty, I've developed a bump and my nose has grown asymmetrical. The right side sticks out less than the left and even has a completely different shape. It's more of a curved shape on the right and on the left the bump is more prominent. I hate how it looks, and even my cousin pointed it out. Will my nose become symmetrical as I get older?

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Your Nose probably will not become Symmetric as you age



At fourteen years of age and through the age of sixteen to seventeen your nose will mature and then at that time it will be a good time to consult a Rhinoplasty specialist for a consultation. When you have fully matured a proper diagnosis may be made as to what if any surgical intervention may be needed to help you feel more secure with your appearance. Until then remember everyone goes through those awkward ages and that beauty comes from within! Best regards!

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