Can my Asymmetrical Face Be Fixed? (photo)

Every time i ask any one seriously about my face they blow me off and tell me i'm crazy. but it has come to a point where I can't stand it and I need to know if my asymmetrical face can fixed. I know doctors will say that asymmetry is normal in everyone and I get that, but I can see a really big difference between both sides of my face. I feel the left side of my face is fatter and lower than my right. I notice it all the time and until I get it fixed or have an answer I won't be happy.

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Facial asymmetry

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You have a very attractive face and the asymmetry is actually quite minimal, well within normal.  Your unhappiness with this is unfortunate because it is clearly preventing you from feeling as pretty as you should. If you feel you must do something, perhaps going to a plastic surgeon and having them inject some saline into the smaller side of your face will tell you if fillers can help.  At least if you don't think the saline made it better, it will be gone by that night. Please try to appreciate all the beauty you have been given!

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