What Can I Do About my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

One side of my face is completely different from the other and it has done a tremendous amount of damage to my self-esteem...everything from my cheeks, jaw, lips, and nose is different on each side. I am planning to have rhinoplasty later this year to start with (as this bugs me the most), as well as ear lobe surgery on my previously gauged ears (bad decision as a teenager). Overall, I am really looking towards the goal of a more balanced, symmetrical, and feminine version of myself.

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Asymmetrical faces are more or less normal.

Asymmetrical faces are more or less normal. These are very slight and are only noticed by the person. You have a beautiful face with any asymmetry being only noticed by you and no one else. You should have no surgery whatsoever. You can always find a surgeon willing to operate but you don't need any surgery.

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Facial asymmetry and rhinoplasty

  Everyone has a degree of facial asymmetry which is what makes faces quite unique. The mirror image of the left side of the face is never the exact match for the mirror image of the right side. Best to leave  your mild facial asymmetries alone.   The goals for rhinoplasty are to reduce the nasal hump, narrow the bridge, and tip which can all be accomplished through  closed rhinoplasty techniques. Please see  link below for examples of rhinoplasty results of our practice

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